Peace in Provision

Based on Matthew 14:13-21; John 6:1-13

After traveling for some time, Jesus and His followers were finally going to a quiet place to rest. But so many people wanted to see Jesus that as soon as they heard where He was going, they followed Him. There were over 5,000 people who met Him when He arrived at His destination. When Jesus saw the huge crowd coming, He stopped. He had so much love for them, and He began healing the sick among them.

As the day went on, Jesus’ closest followers came to Him and said, “We need to send these people home so they can eat.”

Jesus said, “No, that’s not necessary. You give them something to eat.”

The followers said, “But Jesus, we only have two fish and five loaves of bread!”

“Bring them here,” Jesus said.

He took the food and told all the people to sit down. Then He thanked God for it and asked His closest followers to distribute it. The followers did, and all the people ate until they were full. After everyone had finished, Jesus’ followers picked up 12 baskets of bread and fish that were left over.

Drawing Elements: Fish, Bread (flowers)