believe316Based on John 3:1-18

One night after dark, a religious leader named Nicodemus came to see Jesus.  He said, “Teacher, we know that you have been sent from God to teach us because of all the miracles we’ve seen you do.” 

When he said this, Jesus looked at him and said, “Let me tell you something then. If you want a good relationship with God, you have to be born again from God’s Spirit.”

“What are you talking about?” exclaimed Nicodemus.  “How can a grown man like me go back into his mother and be born again?”

Everyone who wants a good relationship with God has to be born twice!  You’ve already been born once naturally,” Jesus said, “but now you have to born again spiritually.  Humans can reproduce humans, but only God’s Spirit can give new spiritual life.  I know it’s hard to understand…”

“What in the world are you talking about?” Nicodemus asked again.

“If you’re such a respected religious leader, you should understand what I’m talking about.  Listen…God sent his only son—me—into the world to take the punishment for everyone’s disobedience.  If you believe in me, you won’t be judged and die without God, but instead you’ll have full life with God forever.  But if you don’t believe in me you are judged.  The reason you are judged is this:  If you don’t believe in me, you’re afraid and you love the darkness because you think it hides all of your evil and disobedience.  But, if you believe in me, you love the light. You’ll run to the light so that everyone can see that you are doing what God wants.”