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Believers today in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa combine oral Bible storying and henna, a temporary artwork drawing on the skin, to share the story of the Gospel. Getting started is easy as 1, 2, 3! The process is simple!

<a href="/get-started/tell-a-story/"><strong>1. Learn to Tell a Story.</strong><br /> </a>Weaving together the memories and lessons of life, storytelling is the main form of education throughout the world. In the New Testament times, Jesus taught the people orally, using stories.
 <strong><a href="/drawings/">2. Choose a Design.</a></strong><br /> You can choose from many of our designs or make your own. If you are creative or you have an idea for your own pattern for a story, use these tips to guide the process.
<strong><a href="/get-started/make-henna/">3. Make or Buy Henna.</a></strong><br /> Henna is easy to make and be kept in the freezer for one month. You can find the recipe on the make henna page.  

Download these henna worksheets for more practice.

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