Create a design

If you are creative or you have an idea for your own pattern for a story, use these tips to guide the process:

  1. Choose a single story to tell.
  2. Review a number of existing patterns to get ideas from the style and illustration elements.
  3. Print out the blank hand outline. Then use a pencil to lightly sketch your pattern ideas.
  4. Try to tell the story by using your pattern.
  5. When your pencil sketch looks the way you want, use a good black pen or very fine tipped marker to create even and clear lines on top of your pencil drawing.
  6. Now, use your pattern to look at as you draw with henna on yourself or a friend.

Tip: If your custom design is intended to fit along with other existing designs, then you need to consider using the same illustration style and elements. For example, if a particular flower design represents peace and your story includes peace then you should use the same flower design from the existing patterns.

Download Printable Hand Outline

Download Workbook