Make henna

Henna is a plant used to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather or wool. It is commercially cultivated in several places including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Yemen. To be used as a dye, the leaves are ground up and sifted to make a very fine powder, which is added to lemon juice or strong tea to make a paste. The paste is then used for application on the skin. You can download the making henna instructions here.

Download Making Henna Instructions




  • henna powder
  • eucalyptus oil or mustard oil
  • lemon Juice
  • airtight container
  • plastic paper
  • tape



  1. Start with six tablespoons of henna powder sifted with a fine cloth.
  2. Boil Tea Water (Simple black tea boiled). Let cool. Add slowly to the henna powder. Mix while adding until the mixture is still on the thick side but can naturally fall off the spoon.
  3. Add lemon juice and eucalyptus oil. About 1-2 medium-sized lemons. 1-2 teaspoons of oil.
  4. Leave the paste in an airtight container for six hours in a warm place.
    • If an airtight container is not available then cover the bowl the henna is mixed in with plastic cling wrap.
    • After six hours, open the container and stir the henna one more time. You will notice that the juice has separated from the paste.
    • Initially when the Henna is made there may appear to be little bumps in it. Mix well but they may not all go away. After the Henna has sat for at least 6 hours and is mixed again these bumps should go away on the final mixing.

How to make the cones

  1. Take plastic paper 6 inches long and 4 ½  inches wide.
  2. Role the plastic paper into a cone shape and place a piece of tape on the inside of the cone.
  3. Put ½ teaspoon of henna paste into one cone.
  4. Fold and tape the cone closed.
  5. Cut the tip if needed. (Be careful not to cut the tip opening too wide. Always start with a very, very small cut. If the opening is cut too big then the henna will come out too thick.)
  6. Squeeze cone for paste to come out.
  7. After making the cones you can keep them in a freezer for 1 month.

Tips for color stay

  • A mixture of lemon juice and sugar can be made and applied to the henna during application with a cotton cloth to ensure that the paste does not become dry and start flaking off.
  • Henna should be scraped off.