From Peace to Chaos

fptcBased on Genesis 3:1-19, 23; Revelation 20:2

The snake was the most cunning of all the animals God had created. Satan entered the snake, and one day he came to Eve and asked, “ Did God really tell you not to eat from any tree in the garden?” Eve said, “No, he only said not to eat from the tree that gives the understanding of good and evil. He said that if we eat from that tree we’ll die.” The snake told her, “You won’t die! If you eat from that tree, you’ll be like God!” Eve was convinced. She looked at the fruit, and it looked really delicious, so she ate it, and then gave some to her husband, Adam.

As soon as they ate the fruit they realized that they had no clothes on. They felt so ashamed that they covered themselves with leaves. Later in the evening, when they heard the sound of God in the garden, they hid. God called to them, “Where are you?” Adam said, “We were afraid because we have no clothes on.” God asked them, “Who told you that you don’t have any clothes on? Did you eat the fruit I told you not to?” Adam said, “That woman you gave me—she gave me the fruit!” God turned to Eve and Eve said, “That snake tricked me!”

So God punished Adam and Eve. God told Eve that she would have pain in childbirth, and that she and the snake would no longer live in peace. Adam’s life would be full of hardship and suffering just to grow food to survive. Through their disobedience, Adam and Eve broke their relationship with God, and God sent them out of the peaceful garden.

Drawing Elements: God the Father, Man, Woman, Sin/Disobedience (fruit) Fruit/vine – Represents sin, it is in between God and man, representing the separation and broken relationship that resulted from disobedience


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