Prince of Peace Promised

Based on Isaiah 7:14; 9:6-7; 53:3-12

Despite the small remnants of people who obeyed God, most of Abraham’s descendants continued disobeying God, and they remained separated from him. Their kingdom continued to be in chaos. God sent many messengers to his people. One of them was Isaiah. Isaiah had a special message of hope and peace for the people.

He told them “God will send a Savior, and he will be born to a woman who has never been with a man.” Some will treat him badly. He will be whipped and beaten—all to bring us peace.

“We are all kind of like sheep, aren’t we? Sheep will wander off the path, and we also wander away from God’s path. We sin—we disobey God. But God is putting all of our sins onto the Savior. “The Savior will be like a lamb, being led to a butcher. He will be killed for our sins. But then, he will rise from the dead, and when he does, he will establish a peaceful kingdom that will never end, and he will be called the Prince of Peace! Because of what he has done, many people will have a restored relationship with God.

This is the message of hope and peace that Isaiah gave to the people, and from that time on, they waited eagerly for this Prince of Peace, this Promised Savior.

Drawing Elements: Peace, Savior/Jesus (cross), Path, Sin (fruit), Whip, Resurrection Cross – Drawn inside the peace symbol, representing promised peace through the Savior Sin (fruit) – Shown on top of the peace sign because God put all the people’s sins on the Savior


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