LISTEN2Based on Luke 10:38-42

As Jesus and his closest followers were traveling to their place of worship, they stopped at some friends’ house in a village outside of town.  Two sisters, Mary and Martha, lived there with their brother. 

Martha welcomed Jesus inside, and began to prepare a big dinner for the guests.  But Mary didn’t go to help her.  Instead, she sat at Jesus’ feet, listening as he taught the people around.  Martha was so busy preparing the dinner that she wasn’t listening to Jesus teaching. Then, she noticed that Mary wasn’t helping her. 

So she went to Jesus, and said, “Master, don’t you think it’s unfair that my sister just sits here while I do all the work?  Tell her to come and help me.”  Jesus looked at her and said, “Oh, Martha, you’re so worried and upset over little details.  Mary has discovered the most important thing to be concerned about.  I will not take it away from her.”