Peace Wins

Based on Revelation 7:9-10, 19:1-20:3, 22:17

As the number of believers grew, so did the church. As the church grew, persecution against the believers became more and more intense. The believers began waiting for the time when Jesus would come back, just as he had promised. Many of the closest followers of Jesus were killed or executed, and some of them were exiled to far away places.

One of these followers of Jesus, named John, was exiled to a deserted island. As he was living on this island, God gave John a beautiful vision, and in it a message of hope for believers everywhere. This was a vision of the end of this world, when Jesus will return. In this vision John saw a huge crowd of people, from every language group, every ethnic group, and every country in the world. They were standing in front of Jesus, who is the lamb of God. They were all praising God together and shouting, “We were saved from our suffering through God and through Jesus, the lamb!” In the vision, Jesus came riding on a white horse, and on his robe was written “King of Kings and Master of Masters.” He defeated the enemy, and the ancient snake, Satan, was thrown into an Abyss and locked away.

Later, John saw that the old heaven and earth were gone, and that God had created a new heaven and a new earth. He saw a new and beautiful city, made from pure gold and precious stones. This is the city where the believers in Jesus will live. John heard a voice say, “Look, God’s home is now among his people, he will live with them, they will be his people, and he will be with them. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. No one will ever die again, or be sad again, or cry again, or hurt again. All these things are gone forever.” God said, “I am making everything new. My preparations are finished. I begin all things and bring all things to an end.”

Then, the believers said ,”Come! Come, whoever hears us; whoever is thirsty, come and drink from the water of life.”

Drawing Elements: Church Growth, Persecution, Island, Jesus, King (crown), People, City, Tears, Everything New Beautiful City – Shape in center, representing shining like a jewel Everything New – Sprouts on each fingertip


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